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Finding Zen in Sedona, Arizona

Turns out that finding Zen in Arizona is very easy!! Especially if you spend time in Sedona, Arizona!  There are several Vortexes in Sedona and just being near them can definitely bring you to a ZEN state.  What is a Vortex you ask?

This vibrational energy is known as spiritual vortex energy and it encompasses a circumference of about 22 miles, with Sedona being wrapped in spiritual vortex energy. Sedona vortex energy amplifies everything it comes in contact with, which means that everything you are feeling will be magnified. These vortexes are enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, healing, meditation, and exploring your relationship with the divine.

This special energy field is known to locals as the “Spirit of Sedona.” The vortexes are described as the crossing points between energy fields in the earth’s grid system. Spiritual vortexes are said to assist in aligning spiritual properties, bringing together our spiritual makeup to create balance and harmony in the body.

One of our favorite vortex locations was The Chapel of The Holy Cross. Emerging from one of Sedona’s famous walls of red rock, this chapel is a spectacular sight to behold.

Cathedral BothCathedral ChristCathedral MaryCathedral Statue


We also spent time at the Bell Rock Vortex.


We ended up spending the most time at Cathedral Rock, where we hiked and played in the water. What an amazing place to find ZEN!

Sedona hike meSedona both

Sedona water me


Sedona also has tons of great shopping and restaurants! We enjoyed a great little Gelato place on the main street in Sedona called Red Rock Gelato. YUM!!

Ice Cream Sedona

Sedona shopping

There are so many crystal shops and stores to get everything you would want or need to find ZEN in Sedona. I highly recommend a trip here if you are seeking to find your own ZEN.




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