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Host Your Own Bunco Night

If you are lucky enough to be in a bunco group with women who are accepting and kind, with little or no drama, thank your lucky stars!! I am lucky enough to have found just that group of women.

Here are some fun (zenful) ideas for hosting your own bunco night.


I used jars that I had lying around and put dice in the bottom of them with a candle.  Simple and easy!


I made this cute banner for the “Bunco Bitches”




I used cream cheese blocks and shaped them into squares and used olives to make it look like dice.  Then served with crackers and veggies.

cream cheese dice

Cream Cheese Bunco

I made the dice for the cupcakes with sugar cubes and an edible marker.  (Note: Do not put the dice on the cupcakes until right before serving them.  Mine bled a little into the frosting!)  But they turned out super cute and everyone loved them!

cupcake full buncocupcake bunco

For the drink, I served a full liter of Lemonade mixed with a bottle of Moscato and garnished with Raspberries, Lemons & Mint. (Totally forgot to get a picture of it!)

I’m all about simple and for the most part, these food items were easy to make!  The sugar cubes took a little time, but I did them the night before so I wasn’t stressed the day of the event.


For prizes, I did 6 individual gift baskets for the big winners!

#1 Camping Basket: Graham crackers, Marshmallows, Hershey’s Chocolate, Camping Flashlight, Bug Spray, Bandana & First Aid Kit

#2 Summertime Basket: Pinwheel, Sunscreen, Lemonade, Plastic Poolside Cup, & Lip Balm

#3 Coffee Lover’s Basket: French Vanilla Coffe, Mini French Vanilla Creamer, Java Chip Cookies, Stir Sticks, Coffee Themed Kitchen Towel, Coffee Themed Kitchen Hot Pad, Coffee Mug, & Coffee Flavored Candy

#4 Gardening Basket: Plastic Planter, Flower, Garden Stake Decoration, Trowel, Seeds, & Hose Watering Attachment

#5 Movie Night Basket: Movie (Game Night), Popcorn, Candy (Twizzlers, Butterfinger & Milk Duds), Cozy Blanket, and Coke & Diet Coke

#6 Spa Day Basket: Eye Mask, Pedicure Kit, Nail Polish, Lemon Verbena Soap, Body Lotion, Shower Gel & Loofah

The rest of the ladies that didn’t win a big prize received a loofah and a bath bomb in a cute gift bag.

(As you can tell, I also forgot to get a picture of the prizes!! Does anyone else forget to take pictures when you are hosting?)

If you have other fun ideas for hosting a bunco night, I would love to hear them!! Then I can be ready for the next time I host!



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