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Hosting Book Club

I love reading, but rarely have the time to read.  Or should I say… rarely take the time to read. So this year I decided that I was going to join a book club so that I would force myself to read more. I absolutely love the ladies in my book club and have really enjoyed all the books we have read so far.

Last month was my turn to host so here are some of the fun ideas I found and implemented.  In our group, everyone brings snacks or appetizers to share and the host is responsible for coming up with the discussion questions.

I really didn’t have a lot of time to decorate so I just used some books from my bookshelf at home, added some fresh flowers and used candles with water that was colored with food coloring. Easy & Zenful!


For dessert, I made these fun sex bombs.  I used the recipe for sex-in-a-pan but made them as mini, individual cups. They were a big hit!  Sex in a Pan Recipe


I served Rum Rootbeer Floats for our drinks. They are super easy and super delicious. All you do is put ice in a cup, fill it 3/4 full with rootbeer, (I used diet to save on calories, carbs & sugar) add 1 tablespoon of heavy whipping and 1 oz of vanilla rum. YUM!!


I made these fun bookmarks for everyone ahead of time and the ladies loved them!


The best part about Book Club for me is the discussion of the book. I love hearing everyone’s different perspectives on what they liked and disliked about the book. So it’s really important to find good discussion questions to get everyone talking.

Hope you enjoy these fun ideas for hosting your next (or first) book club!

Namaste ~ Love & Light


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