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DIY ~ Wine Cabinet

I am so excited about the wine cabinet my husband and I created from an old hutch that has been sitting in my basement for the last 10 years!!

It was painted with a really ugly crackle paint from the 90’s and I hated the way it looked.  Then I saw some ideas on Pinterest of how to turn a dresser or hutch into a wine cabinet and was inspired to make my own wine cabinet!


We didn’t want to have to strip off all the old paint, so we just sanded it down really good with a power sander.


The next step was to wash it off with a really good wood cleaner.  We used TSP and it worked great.


There was still a little bit of texture left after we sanded it down, but we decided that we liked the way it looked and it gave it some character, so we went with it.

We painted the whole cabinet with chalk paint that we purchased from Home Depot. We ended up only needing 2 coats with a little bit of touch up here and there.



We covered the backboard with contact paper and then reattached it.


Then we cut flooring t-strips and attached them to the underside of the bottom shelf for the wine glasses to slide into.

We were going to try to do some built-in racks for the wine, but then we found a rack on Amazon that would fit perfectly on the top shelf so we went with the easy route! I painted it a little bit darker than the rest of the cabinet so it would stand out a little bit.


Here is the final product! I am so happy with the way it turned out!


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