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DIY Gift ~ For a friend who is struggling

I made this cute gift for a friend who was really struggling.  Sometimes just letting someone know that you are thinking about them is enough to keep them going!


The first thing you have to make is the cover for the hanger.  You will crochet a 1-inch strip long enough to cover the whole hanger. It’s about 37 inches long.


Then use a crochet needle to secure it around the hanger.


Tie it off at the top where the two edges meet.


Then all you need is a printed or handwritten tag. Mine says “When you’ve reached the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!”  Some ribbon and a nerd’s rope to attach to the hanger.


And voila ~ You are done!


My friend loved it and hopefully, it made her day! I’m all about easy, simple and zenful ways of helping and loving those around me.

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