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DIY ~ Pink & Black Bridal Shower

Awhile back I hosted a bridal shower for my sweet niece. It turned out great and I really think the guests had a wonderful time! The biggest thing I realized when planning and preparing is that you need to plan ahead. I made a lot of the food ahead of time so that the day of the shower was not too crazy. I also started all the decorations several weeks before the shower. Hope you enjoy the fun ideas I used for this event.

I made the invitations because I couldn’t find what I wanted at the party store. And then I bought pink and black envelopes to mail them in. I think they turned out really fun!


My daughter and I made these cute tissue paper pom poms to hang all around the party area.  We even hung them in the entry where the guests came in.  You can buy them at party stores or the dollar store, but I think the handmade ones are fluffier and prettier. I found the tutorial here (

Tissue paper pom-poms tutorial


I made this fun garland out of scraps of paper I had in my scrapbook supplies. It’s hard to tell, but the letters are covered with silver glitter to make it sparkle and stand out.  It turned out really cute!


I used this cute bridal bouquet to decorate the front door.  That way guests know they are at the right place.  I got the flowers and ribbon at the dollar store and just tied them together with wire and hung it on my wreath hook.



For the refreshments, we had cupcakes with the Bride & Groom’s names on little inserts that I made with the same paper used for the garland.  We also had powdered donuts with diamond ring inserts.  I made these with glitter hot glue that I found at the dollar store.  We served Sprite with Raspberry Sorbet to tie in the pink theme.  We also had little nut cups to counterbalance all the sweet! (Don’t judge my cupcake decorating! It was the first time I used this kind of frosting and it was kind of hard to work with! But everyone said they tasted amazing, so that is what really matters, right?)



For the party favors, I bought ring pops and mints and put them in cute gift bags with a tag that said, “It was “MINT” to be, so he put a “RING” on it!”  I forgot to get a picture of them before the guest took them all.  (Always make sure you take pictures of everything before the event or you will forget like I did!!)

Hope you enjoy these simple, easy and zenful ideas for your next bridal shower!


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