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Gratitude the Whole Year

One of my resolutions this past year was to find gratitude in ALL things!  Now that seems pretty simple to most, but is it? Can you find gratitude in sickness? Can you find gratitude in pain? Can you really find gratitude through all the chaos of life? I believe you can. If you believe that all things that come into your life are for your good. Even the bad is for your good. If it helps you to learn to forgive, is it bad? If it helps you learn how strong you are, is it bad? If it helps you dig deeper and find your true self, is it bad? If it helps you look outside of your box and see the people around you who need help, is it bad? When I look back on all the struggles and trials I have had through my life, I realize that they all made me who I am today and would I trade that for anything? NO!

So I decided to try and take photos each week of the things I am grateful for. The small things and the big things. The everyday things and things that are easy to be grateful for. The hard things and the struggles.  Here are the top pictures I chose for this past year and why I chose them.


Chloe – Do you really need to ask why on this one? I mean, just look at that face! This is my baby, Chloe.  I’m grateful every day that she is still here because I know I don’t have that much more time with her.  She will be 15 this year.




Coffee – How else would I make it through the good times and the bad?  And this cute mug was a gift from a friend so I think of her every time I drink my morning coffee.



Girl Friends – Where would I be without these ladies?  I don’t want to find out.  They have been with me through so much and I count on them for my sanity and therapy!


Heat – This picture might not look like much, but the day I took it was so bitterly cold and I was so grateful to have heat in my car.  It made me realize how many LITTLE things I take for granted every day.

Heat in my car


My Husband – It’s easy to take our loved ones for granted sometimes and forget why we love them. This man is the hardest working man I know and he would do anything for anyone in need. Those are just a few of the reasons I love him!

Kyle Vow Renewal

Yoga – This year I was able to create my own yoga room! I absolutely love this place and I love practicing yoga every day.


My Kids – Sometimes they drive me crazy and some days I wonder if they ever really listen to me. But this day they made me laugh and their love for each other is super special. I am very grateful that they are amazing kids and decent humans!

My Kids


Beauty – I don’t love winter and winters in Utah can be very harsh, long and cold! I’ve had to learn to find the beauty in winter. This picture really helped me find joy in my surroundings. I love how there is a tiny bit of light shining through reminding me that this too shall pass.

Beauty in Winter


Donuts – Of course I’m grateful for donuts!! (who isn’t?) But these donuts were extra special. First of all, they are adorable. And second, I got to share them with my family that was visiting me. BONUS! (Also, they were amazing… and yes, I did try a bite of each one of them)



Back Pain/Herniated Disk – Why would I be grateful for a herniated disk?  That’s a good question. At first, I wasn’t grateful at all. It was horribly painful and extremely frustrating. But now, looking back, I realize how much I grew from that one herniated disk. I let go of so much fear. I learned to work so much harder to build strength within my body and my spirit. I learned that I am strong and capable of doing hard things. For those things, I am truly grateful!

Back Pain


Sunsets – I have a 30-minute commute to and from work every day and it gets really stressful some days with traffic and congestion. I captured this sunset while driving home one day. I was able to find gratitude that day even through a painful commute.

Sunset 3

Hiking – This picture actually covers two things I am grateful for. Hiking, and my little sister. I love hiking for many different reasons. I love being outdoors, love the challenge of climbing a mountain, love the scenery and love the memories of each hike and the people I accomplish it with. Plus, it is great for strengthening the muscles in my back! So grateful for all the many hikes I’ve been able to do with this woman! (It helps that she is a hiking guide and knows all the best places to hike)



May you all find gratitude in everything in your life.  The good, the bad, and the ugly!


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