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Finding Zen in Maui

I know, I know, how hard is it to find Zen in Maui?  To be honest, not hard at all.  In fact, if you can’t find Zen in Maui then I don’t think you are capable of finding Zen at all.

I have traveled to Maui several times in my lifetime and have always loved the Island and all it has to offer. We’ve done the snorkeling trips out on a boat, parasailing, traveled the Road to Hana, & hiked to the Seven Sacred Pools, but this time I wanted something different. I wanted more ZEN. I did a lot of research before we left to pinpoint some of the things we wanted to do while there. I have to say this was the best trip we have had in Maui ever!

sunset 2

Since we were celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary on this trip I thought it was only appropriate that we renew our vows on the beach. I really wanted a quiet ceremony with just us, but I wanted the “island” experience without breaking the bank. After much research, I found a Reverend who I knew was perfect!  Pia Aluli. He definitely made our vow renewal exactly what I wanted it to be. He has such a great spirit about him and his smile is infectious. I loved how he brought the spirit of the island into our ceremony and the blowing of the conch was really special.  He even let my husband try his hand at blowing the conch! (He wasn’t quite as successful at it) I had emailed him directly before our trip and made arrangements with him for our vow renewal ceremony. He was always quick to respond and very helpful in helping us pick a location since we didn’t know the island as well as he does. I highly recommend Pia if you are considering doing a vow renewal on the island of Maui.

Vow Renewal 2Vow RenewalVow Renewal KissHolly Vow RenewalKyle conch


Our first trip to Maui had been 25 years earlier for our honeymoon.  We decided it would be really cool to try to recreate some of our honeymoon pictures, 25 years later.  I did a bunch of research before we left to try to figure out where some of our photos had been taken. It was so much fun trying to find the exact spots and walking down memory lane remembering our Hawaiin Honeymoon.

side by side whalers villageside by side Treeside by side stairsside by side cannonside by side bikiniside by side holly beachside by side beach

This place I absolutely loved.  The drive getting to it was one of the most beautiful I have seen.  The Sacred Garden of Maliko was the perfect place to find some Zen.  I enjoyed walking the labyrinth and the gift shop had some perfect items for my new yoga room.





Holly Prayer Labyrinth

We made it our daily tradition to go and see the sunset every night before dinner.  We literally felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves to sit and watch the beautiful sunset.  Pictures cannot do it justice.

Holly footprints beach 2Holly BeachHolly catching sunset

We also wanted to experience the sunrise, so we got up very early one morning and drove to Paia and found the perfect little beach to watch the sunrise.  Besides a few surfers, we had the whole beach to ourselves. It was a little rainy that morning so we didn’t think we would get very good pictures of it, but we got great pictures and even more! An amazing rainbow over the beach.

Sunrise bothSunrise Holly FootprintsSunrise Rainbow

I hope you all get the chance to experience this incredible island and find your own Zen while visiting it. What an incredible trip it was for us! NAMASTE



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