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The Working Women’s Plan to Keeping a Clean House

Recently the dynamics in my home have changed. My kids have grown into young adults and are hardly ever around anymore. This has meant a change in my cleaning patterns.  Before, when the kids were around, they had certain chores that they were responsible for and my husband and I picked up the slack. With both adult kids working full-time jobs of their own and spending time with friends and significant others I found that so much of the what I like to call “extra” chores were never getting done. I was spending all my free time just handling the day-to-day chores that have to get done. For example, dishes, laundry & bathrooms. This was not helping me find ZEN!!


Since I’m kind of a clean freak, this was starting to drive me crazy and I was getting very overwhelmed with all the “extra” chores that were piling up. So I decided to figure out a way of rotating through each of those “extra” chores.

Now some of you are probably going to judge me on the fact that the “extra” chores are only getting done every 4 weeks, but since I cannot afford outside help with house cleaning this was the best solution for me and my sanity. So judge away!!


First, I made a list of all the chores except for dishes and laundry that need to be done for me to feel like my house is clean. I didn’t put dishes or laundry on the list because they are never truly done and I need to be able to check items off the list when they are done. (It’s my thing! Just go with it) I came up with 66 cleaning chores. Talk about overwhelming!! How was I going to get that many things accomplished? Well… by breaking it down. So I took 66 and divided it by 4 for 4 weeks in a month. So 16.5. Then I took 16.5 and divided it by 3, the number of days that I have each week to spend time cleaning. That total was 5.5. So basically I need to do 5-6 items off my list on the 3 days I have to clean each week and then I will be able to rotate through everything monthly. I can live with that! I still have to maintain things like toilets, kitchen sink, kitchen floor etc.



Then I did a monthly spreadsheet with check boxes for each job. For me, this is the most satisfying part. To be able to check something off the list. I know, I’m weird!


Hopefully, this will help you women who struggle with managing everything find some Zen in your home. It has been a game changer for me. I even have time to enjoy my yoga room without feeling guilty about all the chores that need to be done. If you have any great ideas for managing tasks/chores please send them my way!!





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